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HHQ Mentoring Program

To promote the exchange of ideas among those who love quilts, by sharing techniques and skills, encouraging each other to aim for high standards of design and technique.

Flower Pattern Quilt

"In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn." —Phil Collins

As an HHQ Guild member, there are many opportunities to be inspired and expand your quilting skills with fellow quilters. We're happy to announce that we are now offering a Mentoring Program to partner members newer to quilting with a member who has has been quilting for several years.


Want a mentor? Whether you're just beginning to quilt or you want to be paired with a master quilter to hone a particular skill, HHQ can connect you with someone to help you grow.

Want to be a mentor? Mentoring can be as simple as texting one another or sending photos whenever you have a question or run into a problem. 

Email us at to learn more! 

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